Bug KODI 17/18 + Sony Android TV + HDR10 Content = Grey Bars

All of my UHD HDR10 Content shows light grey letterbox bars instead of black bars when i play them via Kodi on my Android TV (Android 7, XE9305). I tested with the latest Kodi 7 and the 5 latest Kodi 18 Nightly Builds.
When I play the files via Sony player or via SPMC I have normal black bars.

When I disable HDR10 on the TV, the files have black bars again. Is there a setting on Kodi I missed out?
No feedback? I can't imagine that I'm the only one with this problem.
It is quite likely that you are. There don't seem to be any other threads regarding it.

Nothing we can do without a Debug log (wiki) that captures the problem
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Hi Karellen,

thanks for the reply.

I made 2 debug logs now while playing the file, one with kodi where it shows grey bars, and one with SPMC where it shows black bars, same video file of course:

KODI log:

SPMC log:
Thanks to this thread:https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/278309/grey-bars-in-hdr-instead-of-black/p2

I can confirm that kodi-20180120-67c3ce04-master-armeabi-v7a.apk is correctly showing black bars with hdr10 mkvs. All following nightlys have the grey bars problem as stated by someone else in the link.

Maybe it helps you finding the problem if you even bother...
Or if you even bother.
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Same problem here Sony XD80 Android 7, gray bars when playing HDR content. I also can confirm that on kodi-20180120-67c3ce04-master-armeabi-v7a bars are black as it should be, but on any other version before or after that as well as on kodi 17 bars are gray. Can someone look into it please? Thanks in advance.
This issue is still present in the latest nightly 04/21 . I could narrow the prolem down to the Setting "Allow hardware acclereation - MediaCodec (Surface)" . When this setting is enabled, HDR 4k content shows with grey bars, when disabled, the bars are full black but the video files are stuttering with ~1fps.
I will roll back to Nightly 02/20 again.

I have the same problem with my new Sony 49XF8596 and a movie in UHD and HDR.

With Kody 17.6 there is no problem, but with May 26 nightly Leia and MediaCodec Surface, grey bars appear up and down, and the audio (AAC) is played long long before the video. By enabling just MediaCodec (not the Surface one), the video cannot be properly decoded and it goes very, very slow.

I installed SPMC 16.7.4 and it works perfectly with MediaCodec Surface, with black bars, audio and video syncrhonized and HDR in the TV.

There is something really broken in Kodi, but I do not know if it is very important, serious or it only affects our platform, since I cannot find any information in google.
Hello. Thank you for your find. I have searched for this file and cannot find it within kodi or on the web. Is it possible you can share or point me in the right direction to kodi-20180120-67c3ce04-master-armeabi-v7a.apk please. I would love to live without the grey distractions.

Sorry, we cannot point you to it. That version is 5 months old and no longer available. Have you tried one of the recent nightlies?

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I have tried many of the recent nightlies. I too had the same version here reported to work but stupid me decided to try the latest nightlie and found the problem to return with no way to go back to the nightly that worked.
I suspect this happens with "cropped" rips, ie where Kodi handles the black bars (or transparency as far as Droid is concerned), right?
I am not positive if it happens with cropped content or not. But the release that is being discussed here did do away with the problem until i upgraded to a newer nightlie. This problem is also non existent in version 7. The issue with version 7 for me is that it doesnt support blueray files properly. So i cant watch all my content with version 7 and i get grey letterbox on hdr content when using version 8 besides the one version referenced here. Im hoping someone had downloaded the file before the mirrors stop providing it. Would solve everything.
Here is the link to black bars working version, I saved it.

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