GSoC 2018 - Add code validation and do static code analysis in Kodi's add-on checker
I run a 3rd party repo and have a load of automated checking tools in place for new Add-on submissions, its PHP based and runs server side when a user uploads a zip. It shows the uploaded of an Add-on clear checks for Add-on structure, artwork dimensions, xml schema checks, suggested additions in a nice webpage GUI. The user then has the option to submit for human moderation or re-upload a modified version.

My idea was to make it all automated with a couple of clicks for moderators and it works well, so I'm interested in this project expanding the checks. Code style is an important one I think as I come from a PHP world where the PSR standards are king Smile

I certainly would welcome anything that is helpful to other repositories, as well as the official one.

One thing that may be interesting is some kind of stand alone checker that the user can run at home before submission. Python scripts are all well and good, but not everyone is interested in installing an environment to run them.

Just a few thoughts... Smile
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(2018-03-22, 01:59)gobinath Wrote: Hi,
I received a comment for my draft porposal that the work is not enough for 3 months. I agree with that and I can go beyond pylint check.
What do you think about the following features?
1. Python code validation using pylint for errors and warnings
2. Cleaner command line interface (Issue #40)
3. Option to export found issues using Checkstyle (Issue #46)
4. Verify addon.xml against a xml schema (Issue #33)
5. Structure the project architecture to more extensible design

Do you have any other requirements to include?

 Well do you feel like you can do more in the timeframe?
Personally I find "Option to export found issues using Checkstyle" is not that useful.
I beleive I can implement the rest within 3 months (say 99.99% confident  Wink ).

In case if I failed to do so, I will implement them even after GSoC period. On the otherhand if I complete them earlier than GSoC deadline, I will contribute on implementing GitHub issues.
Personally I'm also not sold on Checkstyle, ther might be something better in that direction. But haven't done the research.
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GSoC 2018 - Add code validation and do static code analysis in Kodi's add-on checker00