Kodi black screen when playing video on raspberry pi (audio works)
I'm creating a docker compose of kodi, samba and transmission for my raspberry pi.

Here's the compose file: https://github.com/lucaszanella/rpi-dock...ompose.yml
Here's the Kodi Dockerfile: https://github.com/lucaszanella/kodi-rpi...39dd1d06f5

ps: I know I don't need samba because I'm in the same machine as the downloaded files but I'm just testing, I'm gonna separate samba and kodi

When I launch Kodi and try to play videos I can hear only audio but the screen is black. Also when I play, the black screen doesn't show up immediately, I have to click on "alternate fullscreen" in the kodi remote, I don't know what is means but it works.

I've searched for a solution and it seems that disabling GPU would work, but raspberry is too weak to do everything into the GPU. Am I forgetting something in the kodi dockerfile? Maybe add the GPU as a device?

I'm using a raspberry pi zero w
ps: there isn't any options about hardware acceleration on settings/system/video, nothing about codecs
Just curiuos why are you trying to run kodi in a docker container, in such a weak machine as a pi zero ?
I always blow  up my raspberry configurations, and always have to do it again. I'm automating everything in my life with docker compositions of containers, then I can run it on all my raspberries (I'm always buying more). I already have a auto-setup for wifi password, ssh fingerprints, etc: https://github.com/lucaszanella/raspberry_script_setup

Anyway, just makde it work, I only had to tweak the GPU memory as cited here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2312338

You'd be amazed how fast it runs even on the weakest of all pi's: raspberry pi zero w. I have no lag watching a full HD movie from youtube, neither navigating with the remote.
Yeah sure, I am perfectly aware the potential of the raspberry pi, I have plenty of them running many different kinds of software, I just dont understand the use of a docker container for kodi. If the purpose is to do an automated install, it is easier to just make a bash script for it. It wont be more stable if you run it on a docker container, and it will perform worse, docker has overhead, which is most likely unnoticeable on a beefy machine but on a RPi. If the purpose is to isolate it from the rest of the system, the most common use of docker in my opinion, I think it also doesnt make much sense taking in mind the powet of an rpi zero. Anyway, good job in making it work that way Wink

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Kodi black screen when playing video on raspberry pi (audio works)0
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