Getting TVH to work with Digibit R1 and Unicable.

I have been using a Digibit R1 with a single feed from a quad LNB, without any issues, for a while now.

However, I have just switched the LNB for an Inverto Unicable one and I cannot stream more than one channel - it keeps saying:

Subscription 0016: No input source available for input. ""

I am running the R1 with the stock firmware.

All I did was swap the LNB, changed the mode from quad to Unicable (on the R1 itself) and then activated the additional three tuners in TVH.  All other settings have been left as default.

I am sure that I am missing something simple, but cannot work out whether it is a setting on the R1 or TVH that needs to be changed (or both).

Any help would be much appreciated.
Solved - needed to upgrade the R1's user bands with that of the new LNB - happy days!
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Getting TVH to work with Digibit R1 and Unicable.00