Android How to: Create additional Kodi Channels for Android TV Home launcher (Oreo)
New Smart-Playslist doesn't exist in my Kodi Leia. I only see add "new intellegent playlist".
BUT, I get it worked. It tested nearlly everything.My move from Kodi under Windows to Shield had music playlists from Itunes exported with refering per playlist to a Windows folder.
Now, my music is also streamed via SMB as my movies to get Shield work. Shield is not really working with USB-Bay-Devices.
So far I deleted the music playlists from my Shield....AND...
...know, all my movie playlists are shown in the main window of Shield.

Great great great :-)
Longtime Kodi user, just recently switched over to a Shield from a Pi 3. Running v 8.0 of Shield OS.

I cannot get the Shield to add a channel for Kodi. Kodi app is installed, but when I go to add it as a channel it doesn't appear. Lots of other apps (Netflix, Google Music, Vudu, etc) are listed, but not Kodi. I even went ahead and created a new smart playlist Kodi but nothing shows up in the Shield. 

Am I missing something to enable this function?
Leia version of Kodi? Did you make smart playlists?
(2018-09-16, 12:26)DAVIZINHO Wrote: Hello,
this is great and Im very happy with it. works fine!

But i have a idea. Its posible to create a smart playlist with the tvchanels (PVR)Huh
That's what I'm trying to figure out. There actually are smart playlists available in the PVR (which is what skins use to show the most recently watched channels), but I do not know how to add them to a smart playlist, as it won't let me. Maybe it is possible if you go the xml file way and ignore the in-Kodi option.
yes, just downloaded the latest version of Kodi and I did create a smart playlist which works in Kodi itself.
Ok check that, I just realized it's running Krypton. That's what I got from the Android app store.

Do I need to sideload Leia or wait for it to go final?
so i have an archive of about 30k tv episodes from about 600 shows
and 2000 movies...
all legally recorded off cable tv and antenna over the past 5 years

I need some way to set up a PseudoTV type TV Guide
I want to make my own tv network channels
I want to be able to program my own guide so I can set the day and time an episode plays
and then the interval that it plays again.. either every night at 8pm or every monday at 8pm
and then i want them to play in order

Basically i want to setup a tv guide to fake live tv.. sure i can play a marathon of shows but I would rather have something that makes me think i still have cable.. i don't care if its reruns.. I also have antenna tv

I am guessing from the comments that this option would be so lagged it would never work

It Seems PseudoTV really needs some help too but the developer is headed in the right direction

You can even add your SiliconDust tuner for OTA real stations to complete your listings

I guess this is a plea to developers to give that guys project some well deserved help .. it should be part of core or at least function really well.. right now its way to random to be useable but it is a great project

Someone like me with a large archive really needs a plugin or core feature like that

any suggestions would help immensely
Using latest kodin18 rc3 on my Shield and kodi doesn't even show up as an option to choose when I also to setup my custom channels on my Shield homescreen.

Is this feature now been removed?
first create a playlist in kodi, which can be selected as a channel.
instructions are here:
Does kodi 18 work with the nvidia shield play next feature?
(2018-12-30, 00:24)r0ck0 Wrote: Does kodi 18 work with the nvidia shield play next feature?
(2018-12-30, 11:41)Hitcher Wrote:
(2018-12-30, 00:24)r0ck0 Wrote: Does kodi 18 work with the nvidia shield play next feature?
Are there any plans to support play next on android?
This is a cool little feature. I setup a Marvel Cinematic Universe Playlist and now am trying to think of what other cool lists I want to make.
Amazing post!!Thank you for taking the time to write about this much needed subject. I felt that your remarks on this technology is helpful and were especially timely. Angel
(2018-11-15, 01:56)cscott1 Wrote: Found this thread thank you Tinwarble very good guide. I was able to add a couple channels the one I'm having trouble creating is one for current episodes. I was able to create a playlist that shows my in progress TV Shows by doing the following:
Type TV shows with the rules of Title contains all my TV shows and In progress true.

This is close to what I want but it shows the TV shows thumb and not the most recent episode thumb on the Android TV launcher screen. It also opens up to the current season screen instead of the current episode.

I have tried different episode settings and rules for hours and can't get a Netflix style continue watching shortcut for the next episode. I was hoping someone who has already done this could throw me a bone and post a screenshot of their next episode smart playlist or a short step by step walk-through on how to set it up properly as I am stumped. Thank you.
I'm also interesting in this option. I've trayed to make a smartlist only with new episodes (unwatched episode) but the list select all episode unwateched and group by TVShows (doing this for exemple, list all episode from a new added series). I think that is not possible. Has anyone got to generate smartlist with only one Next Episode ?

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