Android -  How to: Create additional Kodi Channels for Android TV Home launcher (Oreo)
(2019-02-04, 09:25)atomizasser Wrote:
(2018-11-15, 01:56)cscott1 Wrote: Found this thread thank you Tinwarble very good guide. I was able to add a couple channels the one I'm having trouble creating is one for current episodes. I was able to create a playlist that shows my in progress TV Shows by doing the following:
Type TV shows with the rules of Title contains all my TV shows and In progress true.

This is close to what I want but it shows the TV shows thumb and not the most recent episode thumb on the Android TV launcher screen. It also opens up to the current season screen instead of the current episode.

I have tried different episode settings and rules for hours and can't get a Netflix style continue watching shortcut for the next episode. I was hoping someone who has already done this could throw me a bone and post a screenshot of their next episode smart playlist or a short step by step walk-through on how to set it up properly as I am stumped. Thank you.
I'm also interesting in this option. I've trayed to make a smartlist only with new episodes (unwatched episode) but the list select all episode unwateched and group by TVShows (doing this for exemple, list all episode from a new added series). I think that is not possible. Has anyone got to generate smartlist with only one Next Episode ?

Pretty sure it's not an option. I have just learned to use the in progress TV shows playlist it is as close as you are going to get. It takes you to the shows season level it's an extra click but it was the best I could do.
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Anyone having problems whit random/wrong movie thumbails appearing only in oreo channels? Like all my library got correct info but on the oreo channel the movie appears whit a random thumbail. I have tried deleting the channel, creating it again, delete the movies from kodi library rescan again ,restart everything without success.

Is not even movie related, if i delete the movies that got the wrong thumbail, another movie that was ok before now got this random thumb. It also only affects movies, my tv show channels work perfect

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