Vu+ PVR addon is getting updates again
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(2018-11-22, 00:02)phunkyfish Wrote:
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So what I mean is I use neither crossepg or epg importer. Cross epg applies the sky feed (OpenTV). Instead I have both of those disabled and I enable the Freesat and EIT (for freeview) grabbers in the EPG settings. You need to leave it for 30 minutes on a channel as it builds the EPG up incrementally. The feed is sent with every channel. The nice thing with this is that if there are late changes to the EPG you get them continuously.

Enigma2 support many grabbers natively, but does not support Sky, hence why a lot of sky users will use CrossEPG and this is originally what it was created for. EpgImport was created to support Rytec. Later on Rytec support was added to CrossEpg.     
Ok, thanks for clarifying the difference in the plugins. That's good to know.
I un-installed both of these plugins late last night, changed the epg settings to enable Freesat and EIT only and disabled the Rytec genre setting on the PVR addon in Kodi. This morning I've checked the guide and have no genre info on any channel. Out of my 118 channels across 8 channel groups, 36 channels have no programme or guide info. Worst offenders seem to Music, News and +1 channels.
I'm pretty sure I set things up as you had suggested at the E2 end, but clearly there must be something fairly basic I'm either not doing or fully understanding still.

Update: Think the blank epg entries were caused by the E2 not picking them up. But if I channel surfed through the channels, epg data was then collected and all but a couple are now appearing in Kodi, but still genre info.

Also updated to latest version of addon (3.15) this morning and wouldn't load any channels. Deleted this version from and re-added version (3.14) and everything working again. Will post a debug later..... 
You need to change channels for it to start reading the EPG, one freesat channel for 30 mins and one freeview should do it.
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