External network access

First of all, i apologize for my bad English.
I've a media center pc, with W10, that i use for torrent download, watch music and listen music with kodi.

I'd like to connect, with yatse for example, to my kodi from an external network.
The problem is the following: i use VPN (NordVPN) for torrent anonymously. How can i connect to my kodi if the IP gave by the VPN can be different any time?

Thanks in advice!
You might have missed reading that: VPN_policy (wiki) by accepting our Forum_rules (wiki)

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Answer for your question is ... Dynamic DNS
Read more about this.
(2019-04-08, 14:59)Ice_men Wrote: Answer for your question is ...

Those same forum rules (wiki) apply to you as well.
This is not a forum where we instruct people how to actively circumvent certain internet/country/geolock barriers for Kodi usage. Via not-so-subtile hints or otherwise.
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