v17 Add-ons running automatically
When I start Kodi (17.6) I see that two Add-ons are running.
  • Common plugin cache (TheCollective, 2.5.10)
  • YouTube (bromix, 6.2)
Why are these two Add-ons running automatically?
How can I prevent them from being started automatically, particularly the add-on for YouTube.
You could Disable or Uninstall them. You don't say if you need them to work at some stage, or you just want them gone completely?
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I don't want to disable or uninstall the add-ons.

For the Common plugin cache I don't know exactly where it comes from (dependency) but maybe it's necessary, a default add-on and maybe also auto-run is useful.
The YouTube plugin I'd like to have because I also use YouTube sometimes. If I'm right also the add-on Netzkino uses the add-on YouTube and I use Netzkino sometimes.

It's just about auto-run!
For me it's not a good way to automatically activate auto-run, without telling it to the user and without a way to disable it. At least I didn't find an easy way to deactivate it by now.

I'm always aware if something is using/accessing services from Google. I use Google always with care.
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