New Alexa Wake On Lan feature: turn on Kodi HTPC ?
I was very excited today to read about the new feature of Alexa to be able to turn on "Smart Devices" with Wake on Lan. I imagined I would declare my HTPC a "smart device" and configure the WOL function per usual (IP / MAC address).  I would finally go forward one more step into (beauty)full integration. For now my only way to have a modern way of turning my HTPC on is through the WOL function of Kore, which is great, easily beats the get-your-butt-off-the-couch option ... but using my Harmony remote would be much better so I would not have to reach for my phone also.

So the Harmony option still seems unreachable (my HTPC does not have CEC) but at least I could ask Alexa to help me here. Unfortunately, apparently it is not native in the Alexa app. It seems to be invoked through skills (and programing the Smart Device, but I assume my already WOL compliant PC does not need anything on its side).

Did anybody hear about the new Alexa feature? Thought about its use to turn on HTPC's? Knows if it is something straightforward to implement? Any plan to have a new (or existing) skill make use of it ?
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New Alexa Wake On Lan feature: turn on Kodi HTPC ?00