Arctic Zephyr: Leia-MOD
Here I want to show my mod for the fantastic Skin Arctic Zephyr. I have adapted this skin within the last month to my personal needs and I would like to share my mod. Please note that everything is still pre-alpha. Unfortunately I do not have a name for my mod yet.  My Mod is working on Kodi Leia. EDIT: thx at jurialmunkey for this wonderfull skin.Here are a few screenshots:

watch gallery

watch gallery

I am planning a first release in the next few days.
will test it out once you released.
i loved from ashes on kodi 17. sad that that version is not longer maintained.
thanks for the work
Great job
I want it I want it I want it Smile
@danysahne333 Good work I liked a lot, as you put the list of songs pic 12 dark theme

sorry my bad english
Good job! Nod
Looks promising! Definitely interested Smile.
Looks absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to try it out!
Yeah, I'm definitly interested as well!
Looks good is this still being developed ?
It's wonderful, I like. If you send me github or gitlab path could translate it to spanish.

I translated the fork "Arctic Zephyr+" into Spanish but it was no longer launched a new update.
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Yes, the mod is still in development. Smile I'm still fixing bugs. I'm sorry that it takes so long.
It’s cool I appreciate you replying I only asked as you said would be available as an Alpha in a couple of days and it was a while ago.
If you need any help testing the skin drop me a dm I’ve bee. Around the scene for a few years and modded a few skins including the original of this one in the past and I’m currently off work as I’ve had a leg operation so could do with the distraction to test for errors.

Either way I look forward to seeing what you do with the skin 🏻
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