Playing this badly formed MPEGTS (sample)
I have an MPEG-TS recording here which doesn't play back on Kodi (Odroid C2, LibreELEC 8.90).

The file is h264 + aac in an MPEG-TS, captured from a HLS source.!RdAXxYIJ!MUWEPZu-9_D43...4FCmdMrEIE

It also gives some trouble in VLC on Windows (no audio, but works if I change the demuxer to avformat demuxer instead of auto).

Nothing I record from this source will play on Kodi, is there a way of trying another demuxer with Kodi that might handle it better?

Debug log: ivikebowik.kodi (paste)

Mediainfo: gavuhuqevi (paste)
(2018-12-01, 21:57)seanp25 Wrote: Debug log:
That is only a very small portion of the full debug log. Please provide the full log file.
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Playing this badly formed MPEGTS (sample)00