What is the CHEAPEST option for 4k hevc playback?
Hmmm?  My HTPC compliments my AVR perfectly.  Same size.  What do you do with your AVR and subwoofers and stuff given you wouldn't have a big thing near your TV?  I know others park their PC's and AVR's and NAS devices and all their other equipment out of sight and ear in racks, cabinets, even other rooms.  My HTPC is silent like the rest of my equipment.  I suppose there are some laptops and PC's out there that make a racket.  Usually due to unnecessary fans crammed everywhere one can be mounted but they can all be quieted down easily enough.  I'd bet your collection of small devices equals the space a PC would take up.  Speaking of multiple devices, doesn't one device sound more appealing than several others that still can't accomplish what the one device can? 

Of course I'm certain a GTX 960 can play 10bit HEVC.  I've only been doing it for years.  Are you more interested in 24Hz (most ripped movie titles) or 60Hz (youtube and other streamed junk) since it does both and everything in between?  This would depend on your displays capabilities of course.
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What is the CHEAPEST option for 4k hevc playback?0
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