Steaming to Nvidia Shield - Timeshift location
I run DVBLink on a Windows PC and stream to a Nvidia Shield TV running Kodi v18 RC4. Works perfectly apart from one thing. The issue I have is the timeshift buffer filling up the local storage on the device after a couple of hours of HD TV meaning I have to stop and restart the stream to clear it out (it's summer here and cricket season has started so countless hours of watching ahead).

I've attempted to extend the internal storage onto a USB stick but so far either the sticks I've tried have been too slow so crash apps, or the Shield just won't format them at all. Next step is can I change the location that the timeshift buffer goes to? That way I should be able to point it at a normal removable drive and not have to worry about the unreliable "format as internal storage" thing. If there are any other suggestions of how to solve this problem would be appreciated (apart from turn off timeshift)
I found a wiki article about using a file to push the app folder out to external storage. This has fixed the storage filling up issue, but has made the entire app laggy in menus and the off slowdown when playing video so isn't a very good work around.
I might misunderstand here, but if you are running dvblink server on a Windows PC the caching is done server- side and not on your Shield acting as the client.

For moving the caching location on the server you can check the tvmosiac forum; there’s guidance there for moving the timeshift location.
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