v18 Video streaming is broken in Leia
I jumped the gun and lived to regret it.

A video streaming add-on (public content) I am working on has trouble installing from own repo in Krypton, so I was more than happy to find that same repo Works flawlessly on Leia.

The joy was short winded though when I slowly realized that the stuttering, resyncing, artefacting and crashing of the video feed was not to blame on the source but on Leia. With the log containing many many, maaaaaany entries like this:
00:25:10.504 T:33796   DEBUG: ffmpeg[8404]: [mpegts] PES packet size mismatch
00:25:10.504 T:33796   DEBUG: CVideoPlayer::CheckContinuity - resync forward :2, prev:43426044.444444, curr:55626044.444444, diff:12160000.000000
00:25:10.504 T:33796   DEBUG: CVideoPlayer::CheckContinuity - resync forward :1, prev:43415633.333333, curr:55639188.888889, diff:12173144.444444
00:25:10.504 T:33796   DEBUG: CVideoPlayer::CheckContinuity - update correction: 12173144.444444
00:25:12.557 T:18264   DEBUG: CPtsTracker: detected pattern of length 1: 40000.00, frameduration: 40000.000000
00:25:18.432 T:18264   ERROR: ffmpeg[4758]: [h264] Invalid NAL unit 8, skipping.
00:25:18.508 T:18264   DEBUG: CPtsTracker: pattern lost on diff 160000.000000, number of losses 2
00:25:18.697 T:21244   DEBUG: CDVDClock::ErrorAdjust - CVideoPlayerAudio::OutputPacket - error:10132.956524, adjusted:10132.956524
00:25:19.706 T:21244   DEBUG: CDVDClock::ErrorAdjust - CVideoPlayerAudio::OutputPacket - error:18964.560064, adjusted:18964.560064

Full log here: emoletimud.kodi (paste)

After reinstalling Krypton (and the add-ons from zip) same video service resumes flawless work.

If someone wants to try: https://github.com/dam-pav/plugin.rtvslo.../1.0.0.zip The menus are Slovenian only, sorry. You know, as in FLOTUS. ;-) Since the streaming content is almost exclusively Slovenian there is little reason to expect foreign audience. The menu structure is extremely simple though and podcast items are found one level into the structure mostly.

If there is a tweak in Leia that I can use to tame the hiccup, please enlighten me and I shall forever be grateful.
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