Nvidia Jetson Nano, superfast Kodi device?
(2019-03-21, 01:28)Klojum Wrote: It looks like a mini Shield TV. It's apparently also running Ubuntu 18.04. Unfortunately for years, Nvidia have been quite a d!ck in keeping their video drivers proprietary for Linux. Plus they also never bothered to give 10bit support in VDPAU. This may be different with their new NVDEC and NVENC solution, but so far none of the Kodi or LibreELEC developers has felt the need to create yet another driver layer to adjust the new Nvidia drivers to Kodi's needs. LibreELEC also drops Nvidia support for their Generic build as per LE v10.0 /Kodi 19 because of it. So, I wouldn't hold my breath regarding this Jetson thingy if I were you.
ISTR that the TX1 (which is in the Shield TV and the Jetson TX1 dev board) didn't have VDPAU or NVDECODE/NVCUVID support and instead relies purely on a GStreamer framework for video decoding and encoding?  Looks like the Nano is a cut-down TX1 - so I'd expect the same limitations unless nVidia have had a change of heart?

There hasn't been a decent Linux port of Kodi on the TX1 platform that I can find so far...

If GStreamer isn't going to be a workable solution, I wonder if there is any possibility to write CUDA-accelerated decoder code? nVidia don't themselves support NVDECODE (formerly NVCUVID) on the TX1/TX2 platforms - which I think is an nVidia CUDA decode approach (though it may also access VPU elements not just GPU?) and pushes people to GStreamer on those platforms.

I'm not sure I'd expect them to support NVDECODE themselves on the Nano - though some third party might find a way to write CUDA accelerated h.264, h.265, VC-1 etc. decoding?

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