Nvidia Jetson Nano, superfast Kodi device?
(2020-12-09, 14:45)wodgey Wrote: I have 12 x86_64 cores available to me and I did read that blurb within the build guide regarding parallel-computing/workload-distribution and would like to give that a try. would it be easy to setup?
so I've found a little guide for "distcc" as posted below

60-second instructions:
1 For each machine, download distcc unpack, and do
./configure && make && sudo make install
2 On each of the servers, run distccd --daemon, with --allow options to restrict access.
3 Put the names of the servers in your environment:
export DISTCC_POTENTIAL_HOSTS='localhost red green blue'

4 Build!
Wrap your build command in the "pump" script and use "distcc" as your C compiler:
cd ~/work/myproject; pump make -j8 CC=distcc

I think this means (counter-intuitively) that the machines called "servers"  would actually be the slaved x86_64 machines listed above? Am I correct in that assumption?

Would I just then compile with Huh

pump make -j16 CC=distcc
assuming all 4 arm cores and all 12 x86_64 cores

Now, as for the cross-compiling stuff. Do I just need to install these packages to my x86_64 machines?
sudo apt-get install gcc-aarch64-linux-gnu g++-aarch64-linux-gnu
and I'm good to go?
I will be initiating the compiling within the nano environment so I assume that I don;t need to install the toolchain/headers for x86 on the jetson itself.

thanks in advance for pointers/corrections/advice

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