PR15821 (create empty artist info folders)
OK so I did some more experimenting (more or less black box) to see what happens.  I see the logic now (I think).  Out of curiosity, first I did a scan with default settings.   It seems like the "music folder" is treated as the default "artist info folder"  so if artist-X folder exists in the "music folder" tree it will be searched for nfo.  It seems like the album parent folder (regardless of name) is still searched for artist art?  So I have album with multiple album artist, and one of the artists gets assigned the art.

So next I tried to export artist folders only, and as expected got the yesno dialog to assign an artist info folder.  I assigned the artist info folder to the music source (music folder).   Then repeated the export of artist folder only, and as expected it created new folders if required (IOW if artist-x folder existed no change but if artist-y didn't exist it was created).  So then I did an nfo file export to library folders for all items.  That worked as expected.

However, there's no option to "include items that have not been scraped".  Is there some reason for this?

I then repeated export to library this time just selecting "include art work" and that seemed to work as expected, though I did have one anomaly (art not exported to artist).

Then I created an empty artist info folder and repeated and agin it seems to work logically.

I still see a need to export "template nfo files" when doing an export to library folders.  If I had that I wouldn't have any need to do a separate file export.

scott s.
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