Server write access and export of NFO and art
Now back on topic - how does one export the Music Library and it's artwork from KODI v17.6 when KODI does NOT have write access to the source folders?

I tried to export to separate files, but it does not give me the option of a path and instead attempts to write to the network!?
Obviously the export facility needs Kodi to have write access to the location it is attempting to write to. In versions before v18 this is particularly limitiing because, as you have experienced @BatterPudding, it does not allow you to specify a destination for separate files but tries to write nfo and art to the same location as the music files.

However v18 is more flexible, it does allow you to export NFO and art to a nominated location (away from your media).

All I can suggest it that you upgrade to 18.2, the migration process will leave a copy of your original db (if you want to go back) and does not touch media files in any way. Then you ca make use of the superior export facilities it has.

I have just finished re-writing the Import-Export pages for v18.2...

Click on the Music page and all options should be explained.

Let me know if there are any inconsistencies and I will fix.
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Ah, well, now I need to go work out a plan.  The reason I wanted to export from v17.6 was so I can move to v18.2 with those artist artwork folders, and improved use of MBIDs but I have not yet finished tidying up some of my ripped folders ready for the move.

Maybe I'll go install a standalone v18.2 and hand it a copy of the current APPDATA folder to do an upgrade on so I can then export it.

As daft as this sounds, but I am trying to make sure I keep some consistency in my artwork.  I don't want to suddenly find all the artist images have been replaced by new ones.

And I will certainly give feedback to you @Karellen as it was the reading of those pages that lead me to realise there was something amiss in the v17 world...

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Server write access and export of NFO and art0
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