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Hmmm?  This is somewhat ironic.  I've been having a random problem lately that simply appears out of nowhere from time to time with no rhyme or reason.  When I select an iso title in the library, it usually plays just fine.  However, sometimes when I click on it, it just flashes and nothing happens.

Since I have my entire userdata folder backed up, when this occurs I simply replace it and all is well again... until the next time it occurs.  Yesterday it happened again.  I decided rather than replace my entire userdata folder, I'd only copy and replace a little at a time so I could figure out where the problem resides.  The first folder I copied over was the 'addons' folder.  This folder replacement alone fixed the error.  So I began deleting the individual metadata and script folders one by one and putting them back after testing until the problem was fixed.  The problem ended up being the vfs.libarchive.  Once I deleted it, all was well.  

I have no idea what it does but deleting it doesn't seem to have any affect.  Iso's play perfectly as usual.  They mount, all the player controls work, they have menus, external players mount and work, etc.  New titles scrape all artwork.  I went google hunting for the zip and found it at GitHub.  I am reluctant to install it because it seemed to be the root of my iso playback problem and my system seems to be working fine without it.  Today for the 1st time I came across this thread.  I read v2.0.1 will be appearing soon.  (the irony)

Because I deleted it from my addons folder, is it going to update anyway?  Do I need it?  If so, is there a GitHub link I can monitor if my system doesn't auto install it?  You guys write that you can disable it in add-ons.  I've been to my add-ons in the GUI and never ever saw it before although it was certainly in the Explorer 'addons' folder.  I wasn't specifically looking for it though so I could be mistaken.  Being an avid iso user, I'm concerned that by simply deleting it where I did and possibly never installing it again, I probably left residual instances and bad code all over other areas of my install.
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