Using tmm as a file sharing server
Hi there: Sorry if this question has been asked, but can't find the answer. I have tmm on an external hard drive plugged in to my main computer. On this drive are my movies. On this computer I can search for movies on tmm on the left side, then click the arrow on the right panel to play the movie I have selected. I just bought a laptop and setup sharing in Windows 10 and can open tmm and scroll through the movies, but when I click on the play arrow on the right panel, a new screen pops up to a different directory that is empty. I know I can just scroll through the movies folder manually and play them, but is it possible to be able to click on the 'play' arrow in tmm and do this?
So you are starting the same TMM instance on 2 different PCs?
That won't work, since the datasource/drive letter of that harddrive is probably not the same.
And even remote "sharing" over network results in another datasource.

You have to find a way, to access your files with the same names, which might work on both PCs.
Like "\\PC1\movies" or similar (if the HDD is shared, it should work on both)
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Using tmm as a file sharing server00