MKA file tagging support in Kodi?
(2019-07-10, 08:23)henkypenky Wrote:
(2019-07-10, 00:03)HomerJau Wrote:
(2019-07-09, 22:10)henkypenky Wrote: It turned out that in Kodi 18 .cue files are only considered when mka file does not contain chapter info. This was different in Kodi 17 where both were considered whereby the cue file had precedence. Opened another issue for this incident: 16359 (GH issue) 

CUE files work in 18 for me as I always split my files into individual songs/chapters. Easier to create playlists and choose random tracks from my iPad app. 
I guess you do with your own tool, just spotted it. This is what I was looking for a long time! Will check it out later this week. When splitting, can I keep original audio codec? What about gapless play of splitted files? I would assume it will no more play gapless unless you convert to Flac?

Splitting MKV or MKA retains the existing codec(s). No remixing it copying what’s in the original file.

I haven’t used 18.3 yet to play hapless content but I’d expect a small pause.

There’s a tool in Music Media Helper split and convert an MKV’s audio to FLAC. You choose which audio stream to convert.

I’ve added a new tool to create a CUE from already split mka files that are already tagged (I use mp3tag). I haven’t posted that new version yet as it includes a new split mka to chapters/songs that’s not quite completed.

EDIT: I only use MKA for Atmos and DTS:X audio, everything else is converted to FLAC
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