How to not show header labels in different collections?
                <control type="label">
<label>$INFO[ListItem.Duration(hh)]h $INFO[ListItem.Duration(mm)]min | Ends at $INFO[ListItem.EndTime]</label>

I have the following code show in the header of 'my' Skin (AZ2), but I want it to not show in my TV shows/series collection (since they don't have a tagline anyway). How can I go and do this?
Not sure if I understand correctly as there's not much info provided where this is shown. But probably the Container.Content(parameter) combined with a <visible>-condition might help. See:
Thanks, that did the trick Smile
Conditional_visibility (wiki)

read a theme
<visible>![Window.IsActive(MyPVRChannels.xml) | Window.IsActive(MyPVRTimers.xml) | Window.IsActive(MyPVRRecordings.xml) | Window.IsActive(MyPVRSearch.xml)]</visible>
on or off is done with  !
    <include content="WidgetListCategories"  condition="!Skin.HasSetting(movies-row1)+ Skin.HasSetting(movies-WidgetList-row1) + Skin.HasSetting(movieswidget_1_Categories_Square)">
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How to not show header labels in different collections?00