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(2020-02-12, 21:33)Konon Wrote: 1. Are retouched / polished needed or not?
we can talk about
(2020-02-12, 21:33)Konon Wrote: 2. What are the requirements for retouched / polished posters?

also can talk about
(2020-02-12, 21:33)Konon Wrote: 2. What is the name of the new section?
if it will added, i would leave this section alone and combine/summarize these the same way as the icons section wich has also subtypes's only an indicator and a shortcut

at first, "polished" content was never intended cause we thought to get never really content or even content creators to it.
Then i would go a step further and also include character keyart

Benefits: There are fans of original content and also fans of "cleaned up" content.
Since early kodi ages the poster type was intented as original poster, but then came and in almost every skin also DVD/Blu-Ray Case views.
i personal prefer original poster in poster views and poster in case views. 
Except a language tag the main original poster content source TMDB have no convensions at all...
But the title only posters on the conventions are very strict.

Polished poster could be a great benefit for people prefer a "cleaner look" and also want use it case views.
Also keyart is pretty nice to use in skin in background use.

But in my personal opinion it should be strict distuingished! 
Else there will be a mess up like TMDB: There is all mixuped! Original Poster, Polished Poster, DVD/Blu-Ray Cover, complete self made artstyle stuff... Horrible!
I would split the character poster section same like the icons section to 3 subtypes: Character Poster (Original), Character Poster (Polished), Character Poster (Keyart)
Also store this in the API. Then on the endpoint this could be distinguished and people can get there content they prefer, example:
i want polished only; or i want polished only and if not there fallback to original...

The thing is if we would now just mix together we get lot of dublicates. A voting system is there so on bulk/batch scrape the highest voted (if more than one there) this will be scraped.
Then they will get every time different types and we have a mess up like TMDB  Rofl

For testing purpose i've uploaded an example where all is there, it's looking pretty nice in my opinion, but needs definitely a System and distingushed! ->
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