Change disks in L-ELEC 9.1.002 Kodi 18.3 RetroPlayer PCSX-rearmed?
Hi and thank you all so much for the great work you do here!

I am fairly new to KODI, LibreELEC and RetroPlayer as they came with my first Raspberry Pi 4, so please excuse my stupidity on this subject.
I tried to google it again and again in the last few days, but I couldnt come across any resource for my device/software constellation (I know, the Pi4 is kind of brand new):

I am playing Final Fantasy 9 and Heart of Darkness on PCSX-reARMed (The one that is in Kodis Repository under Emulators). The beetle emulator didnt work out for my roms.
Using Select on my noname PS analog gamepad (wired) as hotkey works only together with L1, L2, R1, R2 (fast forward/backward) and Start (exit game).
SELECT + TRIANGLE or CROSS did not work for accessing the Hotkey Menu (Does it even exist for PCSX?) so I have no idea where or how to change disks while playing.

I tried to create CUE files via the PlayStation (PSX) Cue Maker website and tied them together via a m3u playlist, as it was suggested in some guide online.
I can start the first CD and play it to the point where I have to change to the next CD by starting the game from the m3u, so that seems to work, but how can I now change the CD?
The Emulator does not recognize the second CD automatically and switch and due to lack of interface options / menus / hotkey menu, I have no idea where to start.

Sorry for making this longer than it needed to be and thank you all so much in advance for any useful advice you can give me.
P.S. I would gladly provide logs, but you will need to tell me where I can find them and if there even are log entries, since I dont experience a crash.

Thank you! <3
Sorry, I couldnt find the "Edit" function.

I am at a complete loss now.

In Famicon (2010) SNES Emulator, SELECT + X used to work for the In-Game Menu. Now it also does not.
Same problem I am facing with the PCSX-reARMed Emulator.
Shift + Enter or Alt + Enter on my keyboard, nothing helped to access this darn menu. I remember I was able to change setting in there the first time I tried to access it.
I have no clue to why I cannot access it anymore. Where can I find the config file for RetroPlayer? Is there a settings menu in Kodi for this thing? Its like a ghost...

Is there any config file I can delete to restore this to the way it is supposed to be?
And will the In-Game Hotkey menu help me in "changing CDs" for PS games?

I configured all controller Add-ons and ingame everything works perfectly fine. It is the RetroPlayer that seems to have an issue. In Kodi all buttons work.

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Good  to know, thanks @Karellen!

Do you have by any chance any information or ideas how Changing CDs for PCSX ReARMed (KODI/RetroPlayer) works or a source you can point me to?
Loading the CDs via m3u didnt help. (Not sure if it is supposed to help for PCSX ReARMed.
Sorry, I cannot help you with game support. This is all voodoo and magic to me Wink

The gaming section is a bit quiet, so it may take longer than the rest of the forum to receive an answer.
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Okay, I am officially an idiot:

Because I changed my skin in Kodi (Aeon Tajo), I cannot open/(see?) the OCD (In-Game Menu).

I changed the skin back, but my main problem still remains:

How can I change CDs of Multi-CD-Games? I was hoping the OCD might have the solution, but there was none.
Renaming the .sav file (current live game save) into the next CDs name and then starting the game with that CD did not work. Though I am at the point where the game asked me to change CD, if I do this, It asks me to Change back to the first CD.
I tried creating a m3u as described in some tutorial online, still get the request to change CD. As far as I can see, there is no possibility in RetroPlayers PCSX-ReARMed core to change CDs. Please Please Please correct me if I am wrong.
Sorry, I meant OSD...

I should sleep. Its already 10:00 am =_=
Is there any chance, that we will see the option to swap discs in RetroPlayer in the near future?

I am running KODI mostly for gaming and currently it is the best solution for the Pi 4, but without this important feature, most of my favorite titles will not be playable.
Did anyone maybe find a workaround for the issue?
Disk swap support is something I want for RetroPlayer. We should start brainstorming about how this should look in the GUI. How does retroarch do disk swap?
BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
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