19 Nov 2019 - TVDB are still in the process of fixing a number of bugs that have broken the TVDB scraper and any add-on that relies on TVDB data. TVDB are still working to rectify the problems.

Failure to scrape TV shows
Darren and me talked to each other.

I guess my problem with GoT and TMDB is different from the one the OP has.


Am I correct with my assumption that you initially started scraping Got (for example) using LE 8.2.5 and then switched to LE 9.0.1? If so, you have to be aware that we switched the standard scraper between Kdoi 17 and kodi 18 from TVDB to TMDB. The latter currently gives me problems here with GoT as well, but I guess that might not be related to your problem. Still trying to figure that one out.

For your problem, I would either suggest to stay at 9.0.1 (or 9.1.002) and either change the scraper to TVDB again or staying at TMDB, but then you have to refresh the complete TV show(s) where scraping additional seasons/episodes are failing. The reason for that is, that both scrapers are using a different episodeguideurl and the one isn't compliant with the other.

So either switching the scraper or refreshing the TV Show completely 'should' solve your issue.
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