Images playlists: how to add crop geometry info?
I wrote a script add-on to play a slideshow of images with on-the-fly crop. This is because I have 4:3 images to be shown on 16:9 screen, but I don't want black borders, nor I want to store copies of the original photos. Here it is the source code.

My question is: how to embed in an .m3u images playlist the crop geometry data? Actually I use the following format:


but this breaks the standard m3u handling: Kodi does not understand the filename|geometry semantic. I tried also the "?" (question mark) as separator: being each playlist line an URL, I hoped that the part following the question mark will be removed before fetching the image, but it is not.

Any suggestion on how to embed extra data into a playlist? Adding it as comments will add may problems when you come to automatic handling/editing of the file.
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