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I have to say that i did not use the 4k stick for a while due to time reasons, but:
I mainly wanted to replace the 4k stick because of the weird stutter issues i had with it when playing any untouched 1080p VC1-codec BD mkv. When i remember correctly, the problem was identical on Kodi 17+18 with the 4k stick. (despite cpu load being quite mid-low-ish)
Also i hoped for more performance headroom to not to have to worry anymore about pretty much any performance situation.

First impression:
Everything is faster than ever with no detected issues so far when testing multiple untouched BD 1080p h264/vc1 mkv. I also tested multiple untouched BD 2160p hevc hdr mkv (hdr2sdr by android) - also with no problems. Playing, skipping. Everything feels instant almost like playing local files. (To be fair, it was mostly very good already with the 4k stick)
- All tests were performed in a very stable ac-wifi environment.
- I only tested 2.0 output so far. I don't use surround or passthrough on my android setups.

After some more use i'm happy to report further if anything comes up.

Maybe i get the to do a final test in comparison my "old" 4k stick with 18.8 before factory resetting it.

Side notes:
- Above mentioned untouched BD 2160p hevc hdr mkv material was used while letting android doing it's own (mediaCodec?) thing converting it hdr2sdr outputting on a 1080p screen.
I guess because of that vertical shift is not working correctly for these files. (same on 4k stick, of course)
When trying to use vertical shift values of 1.00+ the image does not move down as expected but gets weirdly stretched while slightly moving down.
I think that this may not be an issue with Kodi itself but because of android handling the hdr2sdr while downscaling 4k to 1080p? Zooming is also defunct in these exact situations which may be the same deal in regards of the reasons?

Getting vertical shift+zoom to function in such exact cases would be a dream, but if it's just not possible, everything else seems already insanely good - so... :-)

Thanks again.
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