Guardian 21st Century top 100 movies (smartplaylist)
The 100 best films of the 21st century

Spotted this URL and thought the films to be quite off beat choices for main stream viewers, curiosity demanded a smart playlist and here's the share. I take no responsibility for the accuracy, but it seems to work. I simplified the listing by excluded the dates, colons, odd foreign characters, and if your movie name doesn't match the title, you'll have to edit your movie title or the listing in the smart playlist for it to show up. I didn't use the exclusion rule to exclude wrong dates or sets etc, feel free to edit or improve, and if you do re-post with links, I don't think that will hold stuff beyond 30 days.

Save this as "Guardian 21st Century.xsp" with your favourite editor (UTF-8 format) and place it in the Userdata (wiki) folder playlists/video, enter Kodi and select the listing in smart playlists. Obviously if you don't have the movie in your personal library, it isn't going to show up on the other hand if you have multiple movies with the same name, this will inflate the 100 number.
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