Music Videos, DVD albums, and Radio Shows
Actually, for iso I was thinking in terms of preserving the original...  The DVD/bluray album releases typically have things like slide-shows while you're playing, (which is often nicer to have than kodi's artist slide-show or visualization plugins) or music-video extras,  multiple mixes (pick between DTS or AC3, or "Original Stereo Mix" and "Remastered 5.1 Mix", etc.)  Sure, it would be possible, (with unreasonable amounts of patience and tons of work) to extract each of those from the disc into flac/dts or what-have-you into several pseudo albums, and toss the music videos and/or documentary videos over somewhere else in kodi where I'll probably never be able to find them again...    but I'd much rather just preserve it packaged together as-is.

Currently, I work around it by just keeping my old MediaTank box hooked up, and do the majority of my music listening on that via file-system browsing. 

I've concluded the Kodi devs have made a mistake by organizing the files into library by file type rather then letting the library be controlled at the Source level (like TV vs Movie is selected by configuring when adding the source).  It would be nice (in my view at least) if that was changed.  Of course, that would also imply that when it's time to play the media, it would at that point check the media type to decide if it should be passed to the audio player or video player..   I envision queuing up a mix of flac/mp3 songs and mpg/mkv music videos into a playlist, and having it switch back and forth between playing a music video (as video) and then an audio-only song (showing visualization plugin in the background) and then another music video again, etc.    I don't know if a change like that is something that could potentially be done without a total re-write, or if it would only need relatively small tweaks to accomplish, but it would be my wish-list item.

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Music Videos, DVD albums, and Radio Shows0
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