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(2020-10-29, 20:43)shaktoo Wrote: Please correct me if I am wrong : " Shield 2019 Pro connected to 4K DV /Atmos AV reciver and then sending all signals to 4K HDR/DV TV and one's 7.1.4 Atmos speakers Would this NOT get 4K HDR / DV /Atmos from Amazon VOD on Shield ? "

Lots of speculation, but I would tend to "no, it won't work". Even if we managed to get all the needed stream info up to the TV through IS.A passthrough, and even if the receiving end has WV decryption capabilities, in no way, shape or form would the video signal be encrypted for the TV if going through Kodi. As for Atmos, I have no idea if we have the audio streams in Kodi atm, and no way to test it out.

(2020-10-30, 17:14)ldc7675 Wrote: Now what to do?
(2020-10-30, 17:36)ldc7675 Wrote: also I tried the language select in the prime video and I get this error

afaik there hasn't been any advancement on the issue. We haven't found a workaround. Also the PrimeVideo settings are specific to the platform, on DE/JP/UK/US it's gonna crash and burn.

(2020-11-03, 13:59)Rifrullo Wrote: But when I go to open any video I am told that the request is not executable.

I have absolutely no idea what that means, never heard of that issue before. If you can provide a full log we might be able to check it out, but it's super strange.

(2020-12-05, 17:33)chandoliasnikos Wrote: Haven't installed the addon yet, but is there Dolby Atmos support? I'll install it on an Amazon Fire stick 4k, with Kodi 18.9 installed.

We usually are as agnostic as we can in regards to data provided from Amazon, so "it should, in theory", while the more elaborate answer is "maybe". Atmos might have been a recent introduction, and as I have no way to test it in any way, until someone reports about it I have no clue.

(2020-12-10, 20:23)estarna Wrote: When trying to start a movie or episode, it says that "content is not available in my country".

Try to go on the website, login and go on the movie/episode you were trying to watch and play it. If you can, then it's definitely not a geofencing issue, so there might have been issues with the login or location detection on Amazon's end. Difficult to say without further data.

(2020-12-17, 23:05)EngineerPeter Wrote: Family would like to watch the UK premier League football on this add-on, but it returns an error saying unable to play; product not purchased.

The "Product not purchased" might be a false flag, I'm not sure if we addressed it in the past. I don't know if the UK league needs a subscription of sorts, if it doesn't you might want to report the issue on GitHub so that people can actually test the issue out. Link's in the first post.

(2020-12-20, 13:26)dontknow.cris Wrote: hi guys, just installed this addon in kodi 19 on fire tv cube. is there anyway to watch 4k video?

Not really. People managed to do this in the past, by enabling HDCP bypass on IS.A and letting android/firesticks do the rest, but many people have claimed it doesn't work anymore. Playback was heavily limited by Amazon+Google, so I no longer know if this could work.

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