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(2021-01-26, 21:57)Varstahl Wrote: I don't think there's a hard and fast rule for this. Honestly I hated the way PrimeVideo provides content on its platform, which is why I started working on a Kodi addon to fit my needs. The data sent by the server is still semi-random, and even the scraping hits and misses, so there's no guarantee of continuity when getting data from Amazon servers.

The options I had then were two: get them all sorted by us, manually, before adding the data to the Kodi listing (and at times there are thousands of entries), or just let Kodi do its thing which is also customizable by the user. Obviously I let Kodi do its thing, so that users can reverse or play with sorting options.

So, depending on what you are doing there are multiple ways to go at it, it just depends on what do you need.

Man, thanks for the conversation, I went to research better about the relationship between listitem and jsonrpc and I found a topic questioning about the possibility of returning more data via jsonrpc, and it was implemented, some tests and jsonrpc seems to return the episodes already with name and season, for other possible data that can be collected.

this is the current code, the project is a addon to integrate library using strm

    return json.loads(
                'jsonrpc': '2.0',
                "method": method,
                "params": {
                        'directory': directory,
                        'properties': [
                                        'season'        ,
                                        'title'         ,
                                        'file'          ,
                                        'imdbnumber'    ,
                                        'originaltitle' ,
                                        'year'          ,
                                        'episode'       ,
                'id': 1

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