Req Choice of WASAPI Modes (Event / Push)
Dear KODI Team,

I am using KODI / XBMC since multiple years now facing and overcoming some challenges.
Lately I have upgraded to an i3 NUC and a new TV set to get full 4K/HDR support and as those kits do not offer an onboard S/PDIF / TOSLINK connection anymore I am forced to use an USB to TOSLINK converter offering chipset ASIO support.
As KODI is not supporting ASIO as WASAPI offers equal qualities, saving support & development for two audiophile interfaces, I was using WASAPI in XBMC / KDOI ever since Vista.
The problem is that the converter only supports WASAPI Push Mode as confirmed by using Foobar2000.
I have also found another thread asking for the support of the Push Mode as some older, external DACs do not support the Event Mode, too.
As both modes are offered by the API nonetheless, the development effort should be minimal I assume and in exchange some people with audiophile setups would have one less issue while using a KODI setup...

I would really appreciate if you would consider my request and thank you in advance.

Best regards.
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Choice of WASAPI Modes (Event / Push)00