v19 Dependency build issue (libdvdread).
I ran into an issue trying to compile the current master branch on a RPi4+ (4GB) running stock Raspbian (using the branch's instructions for Ubutu/Standard Linux). After resolving/building all the dependencies, the cmake configuration for X11/gles completed without problems.

The build then aborts while processing libdvdread an exits with an error" " *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop." after entering the directory ~/kodi-build/build/libdvd/src/dvdread-build.

So, I tried to compile the dependency manually (sudo make -C tools/depends/target/libdvdread PREFIX=/usr/local) and produced the same error, this time from the directory ~/kodi/tools/depends/target/libdvdread/native. In the libdvdread/native directory there are two files named Makefile.am and Makefile.in, but no Makefile. 

For we noobs, turns out Makefile.am is a user input file that automake uses to produce Makefile.in. Makefile.in is then processed by a config script to produce the final Makefile. In this case, running the config script from within the directory (w/ sudo) properly created the needed Makefile. Then starting the build process over with a clean build directory seemed to do the trick (or at least moved the build past that issue and is happily chugging along now).

This is all probably obvious to professionals but I'm pretty new to CMake and just solved it researching those file extensions ... so I sort of switched my question to an answer and am posting this in case anyone equally inexperienced runs into a similar problem.
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