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I wanted to do a little personal customization of my Home screen. I am working with Cirrus Extended which is based on Confluence. It has a vertical wrap list on the left side. When the skin loads the items shown on the list are in this order Movies-Movie Sets-HD Movies-TV Shows=TV Guide. You then have to scroll to see the other window buttons. The button always highlighted is Movie Sets. Since 95% of the time I am watching stuff in TV Shows I want that to default to being focused. When focused on the list the Debug info says Window: home (Home.xml) Focused:9000 (wraplist). This skin has 3 xml files that I can detect have something to do with this list, they are Home.xml, IncludesomeSubmenu.xml and IncludesSubmenuContent.xml. The only thing I have been able to do that has any affect on the menu is changing the label numbers in the IncludesSubmenuContent file. The title of that window goes away but the space for that title is still there. Also clicking on that space does nothing. Changing the order of the items on any of these files does nothing to the order in the list. What controls that list? Let me know what code would be helpful to show and I will be glad to post it. These three files are lengthy and I don't want to cutter the post with unneeded code.
i would look at home.xml
<onload condition="Skin.HasSetting(SkinShortcutsAddonEnabled)">RunScript(script.skinshortcuts,type=buildxml&amp;mainmenuID=9000&amp;group=addon|concerts|customfav1|customfav2|customfav3|customfav4|customfav5|customplaylist1|customplaylist2|customplaylist3|customplaylist4|customplaylist5|customplaylist6|customplaylist7|customplaylist8|favourites|games|hdmovies|movies|moviesets|music|pictures|play|power|pvrradio|pvrtv|search|settings|tvguide|tvshows|videos|weather)</onload>

skinshortcuts gets set on load to build menu buildxml&amp;mainmenuID=9000

|moviesets           replace with  TV Shows
Found where this list is being controlled. It is in IncludesHomeMainMenu.xml
The IncludesHomeMainMenu allows me to adjust the formatting of the list. Here I can select which position in the list is focused. I also tried changing the order of items in the onload line of the Home.xml but that still did not change the order of the menu items.
I finally did figure this one out. There is a IncludesSubmenuContent.xml in this skin. Rearranging the items in this file changes the order of the items in the home menu.
the version of skin.cirrus.extended i have 153704 (thread)
uses SkinShortcuts  SkinSettings has the load SkinShortcuts  but i can not see a menu item
178294 (thread)

i have just start looking at SkinShortcuts last week
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