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Ember Media Manager 1.9.2 x64 - Build from 2021-01-16: Download

Installs the new version like any other version in the old directory so that files that are no longer required are deleted!

Ember Media Manager is portable. That means all settings and temporarly files will be stored in the installation directory. For this reason, the software should not be installed under "C: \ Programs", as admin rights are required in this directory so that files can be changed.

Read this:

Why is the version now called 1.9.x? I would like to finally leave the core API, which has been expanded again and again for 10 years, behind me / us and continue with the complete overhaul, which has remained more or less untouched since around April for ... reasons. Contrary to the previous statement that everything will be new in Ember 2.0, the current status should be released in a stable version, possibly also supported by the community, as Ember 2.0 stable, the core API-revised version will then be called Ember 3.0.

Roadmap for the next 2 months up to Ember 2.0:
  • new TVDB scraper for the new paid TVDb-API
  • fix all known bugs from the bug tracker that are tagged with Ember 2.0 fix
  • new bugs (there will be some for sure)
  • if possible, add Videobuster.de again as a trailer scraper for German trailers
  • if allowed, create an addon for Serienfans.org that allows tracking of series and new episodes (to be clarified)
  • no more adding new features

Known bugs in 1.9.2:
  • can't select a result in TVDb search dialog (workaround: set the TVDb ID manually)

Changelog 1.9.2:
  • fixed: renamer can't rename movies/tv shows
  • fixed: TVDb only get english images, localized images are missing
  • fixed: it's not possible to restore original/preferred sub images (season images, extrafanarts and extrathumbs) in the "Select Images" dialog
  • fixed: trailer scraping / get preferred trailer (still same selection like before)
  • added: parallel YouTube trailer scraping (much faster now, thanks ralfonat)
  • changed: new release download link

Changelog 1.9.1:
  • fixed: bug with language XMLs in last release
  • fixed: DavesTrailerPage scraper crashes because of an outdated SSL/TLS version
  • fixed: with some regional settings it was not possible to get the ReleaseDate, AiredDate and Premiered from scrapers
  • fixed: the renamer does not remove leading dots in folder and dile names (ends in hidden folders and files)
  • fixed: the renamer does not use SortTitle and OriginalTile of a tv show for episode renaming
  • added: tv show "Status" mapping
  • added: Videobuster.de trailer scraper
  • added: "Language" column to Theme/Trailer select dialog
  • improved: Apple and DavesTrailerPage video informations

Changelog 1.9.0:
  • fixed: YouTube Trailer Scraper
  • fixed: DavesTrailerPage Scraper
  • fixed: "Videosourcemapping by File Extension" does not longer remove the first character if the settings dialog has been opened
  • fixed: Movie Export does not respect ordering in custom lists
  • fixed: scroll bars in Image Select dialog
  • fixed: "Sort Files into Folders" does not move all files
  • fixed: crash while getting preferred AllSeasons-Landscape
  • changed: new dialog for Trailer and Theme scraping (same dialog)
  • added: a lot (nearly all) columns to show/hide in the main media lists (use the list sorting reset buttons in the settings to get the fresh list)
  • added: Module "Mapping Manager"; adds mapping managers for "Certifications", "Countries" and "Studios" to the Tools menu
  • added: Youtube Theme Scraper (don't use it for auto-scraping, to many unusable results, instead use the "Search on YouTube" function in the dialog)
  • added: auto file backup method (corrupt settings XMLs will now be numbered each time a new XML has been needed)
  • added: flag $NOW to general pattern in Movie Export module
  • removed: Outline in OFDb scraper (better results with the build-in "use Plot as Outline" function)
  • removed: country abbreviation in IMDb scraper (can now be controlled via country mapping manager)

Changelog 2020-02-29:
  • fixed: IMDb ID can't be manually set tv show search result dialog
  • fixed: crash if a series has no seasons
  • fixed: TMDb scraper crash while movieset fallback
  • fixed: DavesTrailerPage scraper
  • fixed: Trakt.tv modules is enabled by default on new installations
  • added: collection information column in Edit Movieset dialog
  • added: filter for some generic text in IMDb scraper
  • removed: HD-Trailer.net scraper (Apple trailers only, already covered by Apple and DavesTrailerPage scrapers)

Changelog 2020-02-20:
  • fixed: TMDb scraper crash if collection is nothing

Changelog 2020-02-19:
  • fixed: YouTube
  • fixed: TVDb data scraper
  • fixed: OFDb data scraper
  • fixed: TMDb season and episode fallback to EN
  • fixed: Apple trailer scraper
  • fixed: Media File Manager
  • added: TVDb episode plot fallback to EN (has to be enabled in scraper settings)
  • added: Kodi Interface Movieset plot sync (needs Kodi 18 or higher)
  • removed: IMDb trailer scraper (because IMDb now only provides 480p trailers)
  • removed: IMDb trailer parsing in "Trailer Select" dialog
  • removed: Apple trailer parsing in "Trailer Select" dialog
  • removed: VideoBuster trailer scraper (parsing blocked by hoster)

Please use this thread for discussions about this version. The old thread will be closed shortly. Thank you.

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