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(2020-04-19, 14:08)DanCooper Wrote:
(2020-04-19, 13:04)Cromseth Wrote: Another problem I get its that with an EMM "default" configuration (without touching nothing at Kodi filenames template, using default) when I use Kodi interface to sync database I can update movie info, poster and fanart, but it seems that Kodi (I tried a few skins) dont load extra art as discart, clearart or clearlogo. Do I need to change any default option or value to achieve Kodi loads that extra art? I supossed that the default config would be the right one.
The Kodi default skin does not support all of the additional image types. If you use the Kodi Interface to sync the images it not even important which file names you use because the Kodi Interface sends the image path and image type to the Kodi database, e.g.
So any file name works because Kodi don't have to search for an image with a file name that corresponds to a known file name scheme.

You also can check if the sync has worked if you open the Information dialog on a movie in Kodi and select "Choose Art". In this list you should see all images and there type like:


As "default" file name Ember alsways use <stacked-filename>-imagetype.ext like Kodi whould do if you export your Kodi database to separate files. "imagetype" is the same "name" as Kodi uses in the column "type" in the table "art" (with the exception VIDEO_TS or BDMV folder structures and tv shows), e.g. "clearart", "clearlogo", "landscape" and so on.  

About that I think the problem is in the sync then... It says it was OK but the "extra" art don't get synchronized.

I use Aeon MQ 8 that uses that extra art, and in the "art selection" window (as you posted) there are only the poster, fanart and thumbnail. The others aren't there. The skin meanwhile seems to download and use that art but I dont have "control" over that files (they are not obviously in movie folder). It download and use his own "extra" artwork even when "use only local info" is enabled as scraper in Kodi source.

As you said the movie folders are as expected and with all art files got by EMM:

Everything else is perfectly synchronized, but that "extra" artwork dont. I cant see where is the problem. The sync says it was ok and I didn't touch any option:


Is there something I have to enable or change in EMM config?

Edit: I add the Kodi interface module with all ok.

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