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(2020-07-24, 09:35)defrost Wrote: G'day Dan and thanks for your work.

I'm using your Feb 2020 x64 build, several instances of the latest general public release of KODI (x64 computer, android gadget, android TV) and the experimental "external database" feature of KODI.

The Kodi instances all refer to media files on a NAS box and to a MariaDB 5.5.57 SQL Server hosted on the NAS box .. and these all run happily with a single unified database that provides the same TV and Movie listings as well as per account "watched" statuses echoed across the Dining Room + Family Room + Office + Portable devices.

The Kodi advancedsettings.xml file that I use across all locations / devices is pictured here (as per Kodi guides here on the Kodi pages)


. . . also pictured is the Ember Media Manager | Settings | Kodi Interface dialog showing the same IPTongueort UserTongueassword settings used by Kodi for the Kodi database.

Try as I might EmberMM won't connect - "There was a problem communicating with host".

I realise that as of now an external database is kind of non standard / experimental with Kodi but I believe it is intended to be mainstreamed in the near future releases.

In theory it shouldn't be altogether difficult for Ember to support a generic MySQL interface (if that's where the issue lies).

If this is supposed to work and I'm doing it wrong I'd appreciate any hints.

If it's currently not supported then so be it - I appreciate the work you've done on the tool you've made and hope this might be supported in future.

Your doing it wrong.
Ember does not talk to the database. It talks to one of your Kodi instances.

That instance is then updating the database.

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