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(2020-10-17, 15:24)TheGeekSteve Wrote:
(2020-10-06, 22:42)TheGeekSteve Wrote: I'm in the process of switching to plex and I have a problem with handeling folders with extras in it.

I try to exclude folders named "other" within the movie folders.

So I added a line in the AdvancedSettings.xml as mentioned in the Undocumented AdvancedSettings thread.

<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidDirIs" DefaultValue="">other|.actors|extrafanart|extrathumbs|video_ts|bdmv|audio_ts|recycler|subs|subtitles|.trashes</Setting>) 

But the folder keeps poping up when I re-scan the movie folder. Am I doing this wrong?

Hi Dan, any advice on this?
Works for me with
<Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidDirIs" DefaultValue="">other|.actors|extrafanart|extrathumbs|video_ts|bdmv|audio_ts|recycler|subs|subtitles|.trashes</Setting>
Please check if you added the node inside the <AdvancedSettings> node like:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<AdvancedSettings xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
  <Setting Section="scraper.Data.IMDB" Content="Movie" Name="DoCast" DefaultValue="">True</Setting>
 (... lot of other settings)
  <Setting Section="*EmberAPP" Content="None" Name="NotValidDirIs" DefaultValue="">other|.actors|extrafanart|extrathumbs|video_ts|bdmv|audio_ts|recycler|subs|subtitles|.trashes</Setting>
    <Table Section="*EmberAPP" Name="VideoFormatConverts">
      <Item Name="avc">h264</Item>
      <Item Name="hvc1">hevc</Item>
      <Item Name="v_mpeg2">mpeg2video</Item>
      <Item Name="v_mpeg4/iso/avc">h264</Item>
      <Item Name="v_mpegh/iso/hevc">hevc</Item>
      <Item Name="v_ms/vfw/fourcc / dx50">dx50</Item>
      <Item Name="v_ms/vfw/fourcc / xvid">xvid</Item>
      <Item Name="v_vp7">vp7</Item>
      <Item Name="v_vp8">vp8</Item>
      <Item Name="v_vp9">vp9</Item>
      <Item Name="x264">h264</Item>
 (... lot of other settings)

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