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(2020-12-14, 19:15)tehax Wrote: First issue is that i am not be able to get the German title of the movie. It is always the same as the original. I select all fields in options to get German names but nothing works.
Check if:
  • the source is set to "German" as default language for new movies (only affects new films, not those that are already in the DB or have an NFO with a language setting)
  • crosscheck if "German de-DE" is preselected if you use "Contextmenu => Change Language". If one ore more is set to another language you can switch the language by selecting all movies and change it to "German de-DE". You have to rescrapt a movie to get information in another language.
  • use TMDb as primary scraper (first position in the settings) and use the title from TMDb. IMDb also provides german titles, but the result is not always the right one.
  • Check that you disabled the option "Use original Title for Title" in the settings.
(2020-12-14, 19:15)tehax Wrote: Second is it correct that no short discription will be load for movies from tmdb?
Only IMDb provides short discriptions that are different from plot and not only automatically shortend plots. If you want to use short plots you can enable "Use plot for short plot" in the settings with a limit that is usefull. Ember short the plot only after a dot and do a check that's not shorted after a "Dr. / Mr. / Ms." and so on.
(2020-12-14, 19:15)tehax Wrote: At least when i want to scrape all movies at once no iso metadata will be load.
You get the data from an ISO you have to install Virtual CloneDrive and set the path and drive letter in "Settings => Options => General => ISO Scanning". With this option enabled the ISO will be loaded into the virtual drive, Ember waits to get a "Drive is ready" message from Windows, read the metadata and unloads the ISO.
(2020-12-14, 19:15)tehax Wrote: Finally is it normal that the time for downloading a HD trailer from youtube takes several minutes?
Yes. YouTube and also Apple throttle the download speed extremely. I hope on some time i can re-add the videobuster.de scraper. Was always the best and fastest source for HD trailers, but it looks like they now block downloads from outside of the webbrowser Sad

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