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(2020-11-22, 20:50)DanCooper Wrote:
(2020-11-22, 17:46)spinecho Wrote: Unfortunately this messed up my MovieSet artwork which lead to me having to delete the MovieSet entries in EMM.
The movieset information in a movie will be deleted if you delete a movieset in the movieset tab. So i think you've to rescrape all movies to get the movieset informations back. You can select all movies and use Contextmenu => Rescrape Single Database Field => Collection ID. This rescrape the movieset information only and recreate all movieset entries and you can rescrape the moviesets itself to get the images.
This is really great information - I didn't realize I could strip the CollectionID so easily.

On a side note, what determines if a movie is in a "collection"...some are only two movies, where I consider a collection as larger groups such as Star Wars, X-Men, Avengers etc...not Anchorman or Blade Runner.
Is there a setting to only import the CollectionID if there are a minimum of 3 movies in a set?

Thanks for all your work, Dan

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