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@DanCooper Thanks as always for your speedy replies.  Very much appreciated!

When I mark the film as the same custom again, it changes colour but not to "black" or "unmarked".  For example, I am using the dark blue to mark the files I need to determine the correct video source (some have been lost due to clearing nfos and re-scraping), when I mark it the first time it becomes dark blue as expected, however when I mark it again as the same dark blue to clear the custom, it turns a light blue not "black/unmarked".  If I then mark it normally, it turns red text as expected but now if I unmark it, it either goes dark blue or light blue depending on if I have used the custom mark 1st or "cleared" the custom mark.  How do I clear the mark altogether so that it becomes black text?

Regarding the title sorting, you are right if I am sorting by "title" or "original title", however, if I sort by say "MPAA", most titles are sorted in alphabetical order, except for movies starting with an accent or cedilla.  Why would these be moved to the end of the MPAA section (e.g. UK:12 or UK:15) when sorting in this manner instead of how they are sorted if using the title sort?  Not a big deal, but when I am ensuring that I have the same number of movies in the correct folder, it would be easier if these were sorted alphabetically correctly (I use the certification to determine which subfolder under movies to make life easier when sharing with the kids!).

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