Win export/import of music results in empty music library
(2020-02-25, 01:30)Karellen Wrote:
(2020-02-24, 20:46)ntropy Wrote: Here's a link:
Thanks. The song play count and last played data is definitely there. This is the very first entry from the file you provided...
<artistdesc>John Carpenter &amp; Alan Howarth</artistdesc>
<title>“You Are The Duke Of New York”</title>
<filename>Escape From New York - Expanded Edition - 18 - “You Are The Duke Of New York”.m4a</filename>
<albumtitle>Escape From New York - Expanded Edition</albumtitle>
<albumartistdesc>John Carpenter &amp; Alan Howarth</albumartistdesc>
<lastplayed>2019-11-23 03:28:42</lastplayed>
<rating max="10">0.0</rating>
<userrating max="10">0</userrating>

I do note that you have no artist or album information exported, just song data. Can you confirm you have scanned your music files into the library of your new setup?    

I have scanned my music files in the new setup.   The recently played album history in Kodi doesn't have anything played before Feb 20, like this from the export:

        <artistdesc>Miklós Rózsa</artistdesc>
        <title>The Lost Weekend - The Weekend Begins</title>
        <filename>01 The Lost Weekend - The Weekend Begins.flac</filename>
        <albumtitle>Double Indemnity / Killers / Lost Weekend</albumtitle>
        <albumartistdesc>Miklós Rózsa</albumartistdesc>
        <lastplayed>2020-02-20 01:44:57</lastplayed>
        <rating max="10">0.0</rating>
        <userrating max="10">0</userrating>

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