[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-03-29, 01:24)dm21912 Wrote:
(2020-03-29, 01:13)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-03-29, 01:06)dm21912 Wrote: Just having a play around now.

One request. Possibility to toggle the hiding of watched items in widgets. 

(This is something Skin helper service widgets can do which Is why despite my best efforts to move on - as im not sure its maintained that much anymore - i find myself still relying on them)

That is a per-skin feature that I have no control over. If your skin has a "hide watched" option, it should affect AutoWidget-fed widgets just the same as any other. Autowidget has no interaction with the actual content in the widgets, only which widgets are shown. 

hmmm interesting. SHS has it built into the widget settings.. maybe it wasnt actually doing anything, or only in some skins..


whats more likely is this lockdown has made me stir crazy. I spent most of today thinking it was sunday

To be fair, I typically don't bother with SHSW settings, as they don't really affect the way my setup works. The way I understood it was that it's controlled by the skin, but you mentioning Skin Helper made me realize it's probably on both sides... In any case, it's out of my scope, but any skin that supports it should have it working the same on AutoWidgets as it does with any other widgets.

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