[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-04-08, 19:59)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-04-08, 19:39)Rijs43 Wrote:
(2020-04-08, 19:13)drinfernoo Wrote: Alright, I've just pushed [inline]1.4.3[/iniline], which is mainly cleanup and error catching, but does also have a handful of worthwhile changes as well.

Previous versions only allowed you to add paths with no DbType set (so folders and such, that aren't actual media). I found that this made some paths not be usable, as they declare their content as "video" (the one that I found it was in TMDbHelper, which declares people as "video" Rofl), even when it isn't necessarily an actual video file. For this reason, I've relaxed the requirement, and now it will allow any path that isn't a "movie" or "episode". This means you can point directly into shows, seasons and such, but I don't expect it to work for any playable files. It's possible I can add that functionality at some point, but I don't feel like it's necessarily needed. If you need to create an AutoWidget that contains specific media files, my recommendation is to add those to a Smart Playlist, a Trakt list, or a library node, and point your widget at that. It will allow the best compatibility with playable files, including available metadata and artwork, which won't get "cloned" in its entirety just by adding to AutoWidget.

This update also addresses an issue where the "given" artwork for a path was on a remote host, and you weren't able to "escape" the host in the file browser. Now, if that art is stored at a web address, it'll kick you back to the root of the browser. If you want to use remotely stored art for your paths, i would recommend adding your host as a file source, and then browsing to the images through that source. Also regarding artwork is that special paths will now be automatically used for artwork. This won't retroactively convert old paths, but any new paths or artwork that gets set will be converted to a special path, where applicable.

Other fixes include a bug where some skins didn't allow you to set "Settings" shortcuts, and using smart playlists as paths (@Rijs43 Wink)

You are amazing mate..

Will try later on regarding smart playlists.

Thanks a million.

For consideration.. is it possible to auto widget inside a widget? (i.e. trending movies sorted by release date but autowidget lets say the first 20 movies inside the trending widget it self). Not sure what the limitations will be here so just my thoughts on it.

I guess I don't quite get what you mean?

So Autowidget works per row of widgets to rotate. Row 1 to Row 2 and vice versa. But is it also possible to have this for Row 1 to rotate the movies, so basically inside the widget it self.

Widget Row 1 'Trending Movies' : movie1 movie2 movie3 movie4 <--- Possible to rotate the movies? (i.e. first 4 or 10 etc?)

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