[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-05-25, 19:15)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-05-25, 16:55)justin150 Wrote: I could not see this being addressed in the first 15 pages(!), I have a request which may or may not be possible.

Suppose I have a series of autowidgets, some of which are shortcut groups, some of which are next path widgets.  What I want to be able to do is refresh one specific widget and leave the rest alone. To be specific I want to be able to set up a series of sub-menu items that refresh specific autowidgets only.

Currently I cannot see a way of doing that.  I am guessing a RunPlugin Command that refers to the specific widget and mode=force might work but my skills in this area are a bit limited.

The reason I want to do this is because I am trying to produce a build for my tablet.  With a small screen (and my fat fingers) I need to be really careful how I present information on the screen. Many of the skins I like that work with touch screen only allow 2 widgets on a touch screen (one of which will be the sub-menu widget in my build) and I want to get around that limit.  An example might be my main menu Movie item: I will have one widget working as a sub menu and the second widget I would want to point to a next path autowidget group (for example containing Trending Movies, Library Movie Sets, Library Anime Movies, Library Random Movies).  When I am in the movie section of the home menu I only want to refresh that movie widget not the entire build

You can actually do this now Smile

You'll need to turn on the advanced editing settings, and then edit one of the widgets listed in "Active Widgets", to find it's "id" parameter. You can then use that ID in the following path:


If you're wanting to do it in an AutoWidget shortcut group, the easiest way is to add any shortcut (I usually use AutoWidget's own "Force Refresh Widgets"), and then edit the path in the shortcut group, leaving off the extra stuff, so it looks like:


You can also refresh each widget individually from the context menu in "Active Widgets" at any time, as well. Bear in mind that the menu will show widgets, even if they aren't showing in the skin... which is due to the fact that AutoWidget doesn't have a very good way of detecting when a widget is deleted. Future versions will have an easier way to "clean up" after itself, but for now, you can compare which ones are in the menu versus which ones are displaying, and remove "dead" ones from "Edit Widget". 
I have found it relatively easy to set up a sub menu button to refresh a particular widget - although I did need to realise the deliberate typo in your post (plugin.program.aftermath!!), admittedly not hard to pick up

However, what I wanted to do was have a shortcut widget to replace the sub menu entirely, some skins allow for this - Arctic Horizon being one - but I was using the Silvio skin.  What I did was set up a completely clean portable kodi which has exactly 2 add ons in it: Autowidgets and TMDB Helper and the silvio skin.  I also linked to my Movie Library.  I set up 2 autowidgets with the highly original names "sub menu" (as a shortcut group) and "movie widget".
The movie widget points to TMDB Helper Movies Trending, Library Sets & TMDB Movies Recommended For You. I then set that up as a widget under the Silvio skin and pointed the skin to Autowidgets: Next from Movie Widget. 
So far so good, it works exactly as expected.
Now I set up the shortcuts for the sub menu including Force Refresh and then I edited the path as you suggested (and having failed to transcribe the id number for the movie widget correctly the first time!!...).  Sadly even once I got the correct id number for the movie widget, it simple does not work.  It either crashes Kodi completely or results in a never ending loop.

IN SUMMARY having a sub menu item to refresh a particular widget (ie RunPlugin...command) works.  But trying to achieve the same thing from inside another autowidget (ie path:plugin://plugin.program.autowidget...) does not and of course that is the one I need to work.

Hopefully the log file may give a clue as to what is happening  https://paste.kodi.tv/qurocidefu.kodi

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