[RELEASE] AutoWidget - Let your widgets work for you!
(2020-05-30, 19:17)justin150 Wrote:
(2020-05-30, 02:57)drinfernoo Wrote:
(2020-05-29, 23:42)justin150 Wrote: One other thought.  Again this is a function of trying to do a build for a tablet with a touch screen where I have to be careful with how I show information on screen.  Using Silvio skin
What I want to do is create a widget which effectively duplicates what would normally be a sub menu (the sub menu is just too small for my fingers hence the need to move it to a widget).  In this case it would be a sub menu for add on so the sub-menu widget would contain shortcuts to, for example, add on browser, file manager, video add on.
I cannot see a way of doing that in autowidgets because it wants the shortcut to be to a path rather than an action (such ActivateWindow (Addonbrowser)).
Am I missing something obvious or is this just something auto widgets cannot do?

No that does not work for me, or to be strictly accurate using the Silvio skin, it does not work if the shortcut is part of a skin widget.  I suspect this is probably the same problem which I ran across when trying to include a refresh widget shortcut in a different widget. This may or may not have the same issues with other skins.  I only wish I had the coding skills to help.

One other question: when I go into path editor there appears to be appears to be 2 different ids: one is for the relevant group and is a long hexadecimal string the other  id is to each specific shortcut eg if I was to create a shortcut to Trending Today in TMDB Helper) the id might be "Trending Today - 1234567879.99". 
Can that second id be edited without breaking things? So for example if I created the Trending Today shortcut and then edited it so it was a shortcut to ActivateWindow(FileManager) would changing the shortcut id to "File Manager -1234..." work if I did it immediately after creating the shortcut?  It is just a small point.

Just to be clear I really like this add on, I am just struggling a little

What happens in Silvo?

For widgets, yes. There is a standard UUID (the long string of hexadecimal groups), and the group ID that the widget pulls from, which is based on the group title and the epoch time when it was created.

The group ID here should match the id tag from the group in question, or else lots of things will break. It is not advised to change any id tag, which is why they're hidden behind the "advanced settings".

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