Vero 4K+ Review: Finally, a Native Kodi 4K + 3D Do-it-All Player?
(2020-05-08, 19:38)Edworld Wrote:
(2020-05-08, 19:02)Sam.Nazarko Wrote:
(2020-05-08, 15:55)ontap Wrote: I can concur with the Shield comments above, I sold mine (2017 model), within a month of buying it, have been looking at the vero. I know there will be a world of difference in the hardware, but I have amongst other devices, a MeCool BB2 Pro, 3g ram and I use the vero remote with it, scrolling widgets and lists is jerky and not responsive., I absolutely hate having to stop scrolling and wait for the box to catch up. ( am blaming the box not the remote). I have a much smoother experience with 4K firesticks. The 2g ram on the vero puts me off and also I notice in the vero online store you market a "usb3 hub" yet if I am not mistaken the vero+ has usb2 ports?

2GB RAM is plenty for Linux. A typical user won't use more than 500MB, even when playing 4K content and browsing the GUI. 
The USB ports are USB 2.0 which is more than sufficient for playing a 4K UHD Blu-ray rip. You should avoid NTFS if possible though, because the FUSE implementation will cause significant performance overhead if playing very high bitrate files.  
Can you avoid NTFS if hard drives are connected directly to the motherboard and using windows 10? 
If the drive is connected to the Windows 10 machine, then it won't be an issue because the filesystem is devolved to the device which is sharing the drive (your PC)
If you want to swap a device between the Windows machine and the Vero frequently, formatting the drive as exFAT would be a better option and can be done on Windows.

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