Vero 4K+ Review: Finally, a Native Kodi 4K + 3D Do-it-All Player?
(2020-05-05, 14:31)hdmkv Wrote: Don’t want to go off-topic, but Shield TV “complete and utter disaster” is news to me. Granted, I’m going by my impressions mostly from several months back when I used it more heavily; before using ODROID N2 and Vero far more so. Did something change with Shield?

A selection of issues:

- It took Nvidia a good four years to get it to the point where it could switch between rec.709 and rec.2020 colour spaces automatically. Even now this ability is disabled by default and you have to go into "Advanced" settings to activate it - the default behaviour is to output rec.2020 SDR.

- Inaccurate video decoding: the pixel colours in the HDMI output do not precisely coincide with what's encoded in the video.

- Terrible upscaling. Kodi can switch resolutions to match the video, but other apps can't.

- Unable to output 480p or 576p: so even in Kodi this guarantees dreadful picture quality for SD material.

- The worst chroma upsampling algorithm I've ever seen: it actually uses a nearest-neighbour approach rather than bilinear, which makes everything look weirdly rough and grainy.

- Truly horrible deinterlacing.

- The Netflix app cannot switch refresh rate to match the video frame rate, so with default settings Black Mirror (for example) will be converted to 59.94Hz rather than output at 50Hz.

- You can change the output refresh rate at desktop level, but when you go back into the Netflix app it helpfully switches the output resolution back to what it was the last time you were using Netflix! To stop it from doing this, you actually have to force-stop the app.

- No matter what you do, you can't get 4K/24Hz or 4K/23.976Hz out of Netflix: if the refresh rate is below 50Hz it won't access 4K video streams.

- No Dolby Vision output on Netflix.

- YouTube limited to 1080p/SDR.

- Can't play 4K/HLG in iPlayer.

- In Amazon Prime Video there's no frame-rate matching and (I think) it can't access 4K streams.

- No MVC 3D!!!

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