Vero 4K+ Review: Finally, a Native Kodi 4K + 3D Do-it-All Player?
(2020-06-13, 20:07)badbadbad Wrote: Great product, especially with the promise of Widevine L1 certification.

(2020-06-15, 12:02)popy Wrote: Hey guys, I am really interested in the Vero 4k+.

Just some questions:

* is Widevine L1 certification true and is there an ETA?
* does deinterlacing of SD is working with HW acceleration?
* what about other streaming services like Disney+, Prime VOD,...


As far as I'm aware, Widevine L1 support is an aspiration, not a promise. Sam is experimenting; it might work one day; it might never work; we don't know yet. We certainly have no idea of timescale.

Deinterlacing of SD material with hardware acceleration works, but it's a bit flakey. In particular, it's not good at correctly selecting film mode rather than video mode. The box is easily powerful enough to decode SD material in software, though, and the deinterlacing on that is significantly better (although there can be some other, much more subtle issues).

Many Internet streaming services are supported, but via Kodi add-ons, not dedicated apps. Amazon Prime video is limited to a maximum resolution of 960x540. Netflix can be played comfortably at 720p. (It can actually access 1080p Netflix streams, but because they have to be decoded in software, there isn't enough CPU power to decode them smoothly, and 1080p playback is unusably jerky). I haven't tried Disney+ but I know there is an add-on; I would guess it probably works much the same way as Netflix. (YouTube works well, though, at up to 4K/SDR, with 4K/HDR likely to be available at some point; BBC iPlayer also works well, and it plays the test loop in 4K/HLG very nicely.)

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